As many of our guests know, it is rare that a stylist will not gloss you after a lightening service. A gloss has many names (glaze, toner etc.) but it all means the same thing: semi or demi-permanent hair color that has dozens of benefits! Here are six reasons why you NEED to have a gloss during every color service!


The MAIN purpose of a gloss is that it closes down the cuticle and regulates pH. When you color the hair, your cuticle opens to remove or deposit the color. When your color is done processing, the shampooing/conditioning closes the cuticle a little bit, but it remains open slightly. If the cuticle remains open, a few bad things can happen! Keep reading!


1. It reduces frizz. The hair can look frizzy or dry if the cuticle is left open! If you suffer from frizz, the best bet is to ALWAYS gloss your hair and focus on utilizing hair products that have a lower pH. When used properly, this will guarantee your cuticle is staying closed and will leave your frizzy days behind!


2. Protects you from your water. If the cuticle is left open the hair will quickly absorb minerals from your water, causing brass and discoloring, and also can make your hair weak and brittle.


3. Adds longevity to your color service! You just invested a pretty penny into your hair, if you don’t gloss it, your color will start fading as soon as you wash your hair! If you gloss, the gloss will fade first adding an extra 3-4 weeks of longevity to your service!


4. It regulates tone. Many times people are bringing in photos of hair color that goes completely against their dominant pigment. If we lift your hair, the safest place to stop processing is when the hair reaches yellow/pale yellow stages. In that case, a gloss is essential to deposit the tones desired.


5. It provides UV protection! If you’re out in the sun a lot, or if you go tanning, this can effect your color service as well! The gloss is your extra layer of protection!


6. It adds a brilliant layer of SHINE! If you’re hair isn’t shiny, chances are you need a gloss. Any color service or haircut can look completely drab if it lacks the shine and lustre! Think of it this way: When you get your nails done, would you ever skip the top coat? Could you imagine if your nail tech told you that you didn’t need one? I surely would never go back to that tech because clearly they are ill informed!


So, are you convinced? Please TRUST your stylist if they recommend a gloss to finish your service! Recently we updated all of our specialty services to include a gloss because in our professional opinion, it is an ESSENTIAL!


Thanks for reading! Please share to spread the word!

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