Keeping up with life and social media while trying to master and scale your brand is not easy to do, much less while trying to maintain your mental health! Stress, overwhelm, indecisiveness, comparison – are just a few of the emotions I used to feel when working on my social presence (and let’s be honest, those feelings still creep in now and then because social media mindfulness is a practice.) Social media has changed our world, whether we like it or not. In many aspects, it has made us feel less connected, more depressed, more anxious, more insignificant.

How do we change that? By changing ourselves! Examining how we choose to view it, how we choose to use it.


If you are a creative, entrepreneur, if you own a business, or if you work in a business and you're trying to self promote or you just genuinely want a better outlook on this ever-changing social platform world - this offering is for you.

In the course of a 1 month period we will connect during two hour long zoom calls, we will be diving deep into how to overcome self-comparison and criticism, how to see through the bullshit, how to be your most authentic self on social media, how to gain the clients/customers/collaborations that you actually want, and more.

It's time to take responsibility for our own lives and businesses, stop blaming the followers, algorithms, and using excuses, and take back our power. Find out what really matters, your style, your voice, your WHY for posting. Changing our mindset by using social media with intention. 

Please fill out the questionnaire below to help me identify where you're at, what is holding you back and where to put your focus on for your business. After your questionnaire is received and reviewed, you will receive a follow up email from me to schedule our zoom calls. I will be holding space for you in a safe place free of judgment - and you will gain new ideas and ways of thinking about social media and how to use it to benefit your life and in turn the community at large.

I have built my entire business through social media platforms and maintained it for the last 7 years, consistently making over 6 figures by attracting clients through social platforms. I have been a Social Media Content Creator + Manager for artistic teams, salons, and independent brands and now I want to share my gained knowledge with my fellow creatives.

I will be sharing my simple Step by Step method for posting on social, favorite apps, and so much more. Social Media is a constant changing force of digital nature, and it is a journey to navigate it, after this experience you'll feel more confident with a road map to start from - from here you can make your own rules, and find what works best for YOU! Your return on your investment can come from 1 post!

If you have a big mission, if you’re motivated to make shit happen, then let’s talk.

Two 60 Minute Virtual Sessions + Social Media Tips/Tricks PDF to keep!

I’ve taken variations of social media classes but what Bri helped me to realize is my intent within my posts. Every other class discussed hashtag this and hashtag that but I hadn’t given much thought to what I wanted to showcase and attract to my business. Reaching the largest audience by choosing the “right” thirty hashtags made me get knots in my stomach. I would fear doing it wrong that more often than not, I would delete the post. She asked me to consider what my idea of a perfect guest is and how to seek them out with hashtags, locations and through engagement. This simple shift in how I think about my social media has taken so much stress out of my life!
— Carlie Morrish @glitterpantherhair


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