How To Prepare For Your Hair Appointment

by Silvana Onofrio


A hair appointment is never "just a hair appointment." It’s closer to a personal fashion show, where you and your hair are the stars and you’re fed wine and snacks by the frantic and
concerned assistant (aka me). Consider it your time to be pampered, we’re here to make you look and feel amazing. But (yes, there is a but, but all good things are followed
with one, even you) team work makes the dream work, your stylist needs your help as much as you need ours....



  • If you are a first timer at Oracle, then a thorough consultation is a must. Giving your Oracle of Hair time to craft the perfect vision of your future hair is so important! Just like any relationship, communication is key.
  • Do your homework and make sure you fill out the New Client Questionnaire linked in the confirmation email after booking an appointment.
  • Photos are always helpful, like a little window into the future of your hair. Now I know how exciting that part can be but keep in mind that Pinterest has a strange way of overwhelming and blurring our hair realities. We work in the realm of real hair magic, take a tour of the land with us to brew up the perfect hair potion for that voodoo you do.
  • If you have enough hair to lap Rapunzel and her pathetic little tower, then please be aware of what that means for your style and your pocketbook!
  • At Oracle, we want to meet your hair goals, but we would also like to care and take care of your hair to our best ability, which is why we have a consultation to tell you that your black hair is going to take a few sessions to get to grandma grey like that one insta-famous model you salivate over. If your hair is as dark as my soul but you want it to be as blonde as Draco Malfoy's, understand that it could require many appointments to safely achieve the shade you desire. It could literally take 6 months and will often lift to a warmer shade than you want before you can get lighter. We will always be honest with you about the process. Understand that if your hair has any previous artificial color (especially anything processed at-home) the likelihood that we will ever be able to safely achieve an ashy dark blonde or lighter is very slim.

Come with Clean Hair

  • When it's time for your appointment, bring your lovely self and your hair done how you usually have it styled.
  • Please come in as clean as the salon is (which is squeaky freakin' clean because I’m the one that cleans it). If you have enough dry shampoo in your hair to shape it into a 19th century hat, then it just might be time to shower. And while I have no problem with your creatures of the night tagging along on your scalp, our priestesses (and priest) of hair can only work their magic with a fresh canvas.


If you normally wear makeup, come with it on.

  • There is one canvas I encourage you coming in done and framed. That lovely face of yours is just as important as your hair, so when your appointment ends and I become your paparazzi for our Instagram, look the way you love! Throw on those fake lashes and draw in those brows so your before and after photos do you and your new do the justice they deserve.
  • If you really want to make my day, dress for success for your post hair photoshoot. This could mean a simple black fashionable shirt... or a super cute romper you just purchased with your grocery funds (aka me - pretty much every time I’m sucked into the blackhole called Target).

good work isn't cheap & Cheap work isn't good...

  • Speaking of a wallet blackhole, I’m brought to my next tip for your appointment prep. Please be aware of your budget for your hair because just as beauty is pain, it can also be an expensive day. If I could go back to seventeen-year-old Silvana, I would tell her to drop the money on a real salon rather than letting an "experienced" stylist at (insert cheap salon chain name here) destroy my hair and scar my scalp from a bleach burn. Ever felt hair so damaged that it's stretchy when wet and sort of feels like frog eggs slipping between your fingers? No? Then you must know the golden rule of consumerism: “You get what you pay for!”.
  • So if you're looking to become a hot goddess, then you pay the price of being turned into walking art. Also as a side note, our hair whispers all survive off their work as they have rent and other mortal necessities that require them charging what they are worth, and trust me when I say these witches and wizard are worth their weight in gold (ethically sourced of course).


Hair Appointments can take time...

  • Just as all good things come with a price tag, they also come to those who wait. As my Bratz Dollz video game on my Game Cube taught me when I was 9 (ha-ha just kidding I was 13) “It takes time to look this good”. And yes, indeed, it does take time! Depending on the service you are getting, you could be here from anywhere between thirty minutes to six hours. Please be prepared to hang out with us, even if that means you bring a laptop to get work done or a lunch to munch on while your color processes. Michaelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel wasn’t painted in a day, feel blessed that your balayage can be done in a few hours.

Invest in your hair & care about what you put on it.

  • While this piece is meant to best prepare you for before and during of your hair appointment, this last bit is to warn you against the danger of using low quality products and mismanaging your post visit care. Be sure to read the Oracle At-Home After Care Guide on this same website!
  • Our artists will always be sure to prescribe the best combinations of take home product to maintain your new look and inform you of the upkeep of your hair will require before letting you cross the threshold back into the world.
  • While we are easily reached by phone, text, or email, whenever you need hair care advice- it is always better to leave with the insurance policy that our professional salon products provide to care for your hair. Kevin.Murphy and Eufora are both independently owned and operated hair care companies that are people, pet, and planet friendly. They care about sustainability and high quality SAFE ingredients (just like Oracle) and their products are formulated to work alongside their corresponding hair color lines to maintain your service investment (anddd, you are supporting a locally owned small business at the same time- so you get all the karma points). You can also purchase take-home products from Oracle ONLINE << and pick them up in the salon OR we can ship them to your front door! You just have to have been serviced at our salon prior.
  • It is also better to leave with the knowledge that you are prebooked for your next appointment because these hair transformers fill up fast! Nothing is worse than overgrown bangs and a wallowing sense of regret for not booking out right away and having to wait a few weeks while you look like a stylish Cousin It. We are more than happy to book you out till the end of days (you will be the most stylish zombie slasher in all of the apocalyptic land) as it is always better to have an appointment preset and have to push it out a little bit (providing that you give us 48 hours or more notice when rescheduling..) than to not have an appointment and have to wait for our soonest availability.


Now that you are well versed in the rules of this universe of hair and magic, I leave you with (hopefully) a sense of purpose and excitement for your next (or first) appointment with Oracle Salon. I know your hair future, and I promise it is the most beautiful sight to behold.

Thank you for picking Oracle Salon, We look forward to seeing you!


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