The best way to find out exact pricing is to book a consultation with one of our talented team members. If you book a consultation there is a fee of $30, however we do waive this consultation fee if you purchase hair on the same day.


*Prices are subject to change
*Prices do not include tax or shipping

$125/20 pieces (includes haircut & blending)

How Many Pieces Do You Need?

1 Pack (20 pieces/10 sandwiches) = Volume Only

2 Packs(40 pieces/20 sandwiches) = Some Length & Lots of Volume

3 Packs (60 pieces/30 sandwiches) = Length & Volume *(Most Recommended)

4 Packs(80 pieces/40 sandwiches) = Lots of Length & Lots of Volume

Tape In Original (20 pieces/10 sandwiches per pack)

  • 12” – $120/pack
  • 16” – $150/pack
  • 20” – $180/pack

Tape In Rooted

  • 12” – $138/pack
  • 16”  – $160/pack
  • 20” – $198/pack

Tape In Balayage

  • 12” – $150/pack
  • 16” – $180/pack
  • 20” – $210/pack

Maintenance Package Price*

  • 1-2 Packs: $125+
  • 3 Packs $175+
  • 4 Packs $200+

    This process guarantees your extensions look and feel brand new for up to a year, and includes: safe and gentle removal, wash and treatment, removal of old tape from the bond and new tape application after they’ve been dried! *This process does not include your new application which will always be $125 per pack.

This process takes 2+ hours for our team to complete. For this reason, we do not perform removals and applications on the same day. Don’t worry, you can book your removal plus any chemical services needed, and we will accommodate your installation at our earliest convenience.


In order to give you accurate pricing, we only giving Halo and The Fall Pricing during an in person consultation.


Halo + Tape Ins

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is the finest quality human hair available on the market today. Remy Hair refers to human hair that retains the cuticle layer, the outer most part of the hair strand, flowing in the same direction, flowing the way hair does naturally. The delicate process which maintains the cuticle in hair wefts is the key advantage of Remy hair keeping it soft and silky, smooth and shiny, long-lasting and tangle-free. Simply put, Remy Hair is gorgeous hair! And we have selected the very best among the Remy hair choices. Our hair is the Rolls Royce of hair.

Return + Refund Policy

Due to Human Hair industry standards the HALO® Extension is a Final Sale product with no refunds or returns. Gina Bianca Hair does not offer refunds or returns on extensions.

Will Extensions Damage My Hair?

We cannot speak for all extension products on the market, but we can confidently say that HALOCOUTURE® Extensions will NOT damage your hair. In fact, there is no complicated and lengthy process, no weaving, no clips, no glue. You won’t need to be planted in a chair for 7 hours. HaloCouture Extensions easily attaches with a miracle wire that is quickly customized to fit your head in just a few short minutes. The great news is that there is no sacrifice in quality or quantity. Now you have a real alternative that is truly quick and easy with the same satisfying results. You get a full, gorgeous head of hair in one HALO® Extension without any of the concerns of damage to your natural hair. Even Tape-In Extensions are an extremely gentle method of hair extensions! When removed and applied by a trained professional clients see no damage to their natural hair.

Can I swim/Work Out wearing tape-in extensions?

Yes, absolutely!

How Long Will My HALOCOUTURE® Last?

Depending on how often the piece is being worn as well as the care given to the HALOCOUTURE® Extensions, it should be lasting 9 months or longer. Being that this is a Human Hair product there is not a guaranteed time frame that the HALO® Extension  will last. This is an estimate based on the best quality care being given to the HALO® Extension. Tape-In Extensions last for 6-8 weeks before they have to be brought back up. When properly maintained by Gina Bianca Hair your hair should last you 3 or more applications. We do not guarantee this unless you follow all instructed maintenance and use all recommended products!

I’ve Never Worn Extensions. Aren’t Extensions Expensive and Require a Long Term Maintenance Commitment?

You can beautifully transform your look with the rich fullness, silky texture and stylish design you have always dreamed about. Many other extension products require you to initially sit in a chair for 7 hours and require a substantial investment, only to have to return every 4 months for maintenance which is also costly. With HALOCOUTURE® Extensions, you visit the Stylist to get color matched, spend 10 minutes getting fitted and another 30 minutes to have the stylist blend your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions and you are set! No costly maintenance fees! And you can wear your extensions over and over! Tape-In Extensions do require maintenance, however with new technology the application takes about 1 hour and the hair can be reused 3 or more times with proper maintenance, so they are the most cost effective method of semi-permanent hair extensions!

Can I Wear a HALOCOUTURE® if I Already Have Extensions?

Yes, you can certainly wear multiple extensions at the same time. Keep in mind, each of our extensions have over 100 grams of 100% Remy human hair, which is the equivalent of a full head of hair. That said, you can enjoy double or triple the luxurious volume that you would achieve with multiple extensions if you so desire. Please work with one of our Authorized Salons to get fitted and have them expertly blend the extensions perfectly.

Can I Color My HALOCOUTURE® Extensions?

We do not recommend coloring your extensions! They are safe for deposit only, such as a glaze to tone them down if necessary, however we do not bleach extensions because we do not want to compromise the superior quality!

Can I Style & Blend My Extensions?

Yes, because HALOCOUTURE® Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you or your stylist may style as you would your own hair. When you purchase a Halo at Gina Bianca Hair we are happy to book you for a Dry Haircut ($38) to fit your halo, blend it and style it. During this time one of our team members can educate you on application and styling! When you get Tape-In Extensions at Gina Bianca Hair, we include a haircut and blending in your initial installation fee so it is always included in your finished result!

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