Beyond Business with Kelli Mason
10:00 AM10:00

Beyond Business with Kelli Mason


Beyond business was created for hairdressers ready to break free from their limiting beliefs and start owning their personal power. We take our minds past the numbers, benchmarks, Instagram followers, and into our pure potential. I’ll share with you how to get what you really want, become uniquely successful, and enjoy fulfillment while you are doing it.


TIME: 10AM - 2PM

LOCATION: EMERGE SALON:  2749 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113 


  • Meditation 101 for the Modern Hairdresser

  • TCA: Thought/Action/Choice approach to massive growth in your career 

  • The 4 Essentials to Creating your Dream Life

  • Learn to Manifest Using Simple Visualization Methods

  • Intention Setting for Success


  • $300 per person

  • Group Rate 2+ $250 per person

PAYMENT: Payment due in full.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Payment is 100% refundable if cancellations are made 30 days prior to scheduled class date. The payment is 50% refundable for cancellations made after the 30-day cut off date. The payment is non-refundable if cancellations are made within 1 week of the scheduled class.

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Social Media Mindset with Bri Bird
11:00 AM11:00

Social Media Mindset with Bri Bird

Social media has changed our world, whether we like it or not. In many aspects, it has made us feel less connected, more depressed, more anxious, more insignificant. How do we change that? By changing ourselves! Examining how we choose to view it, how we choose to use it. If you are a creative, entrepreneur, if you own a business, or if you work in a business and you're trying to self promote or you just genuinely want a better outlook on this everchanging social platform world - this class is for you. In this class, we will be diving deep into how to overcome self-comparison and criticism, how to see through the bullshit, how to be your most authentic self on social media, how to gain the clients/customers/collaborations that you actually want, and more. It's time to take responsibility for our own lives and businesses, stop blaming the followers, algorithms, and artificial intelligence, and take back our power. Find out what really matters, your style, your voice, your WHY for posting. Changing our mindset by using social media with intention.

This class will be customized based on the attendees, after your ticket purchase you will be sent a quick questionnaire to fill out to identify what level you're at, what is holding you back and where to put your focus on for your business. This will be a very interactive and open discussion, we will all be sharing ideas on how to better support ourselves and each other - a safe place free of judgment and negativity - and you will leave with new ideas and ways of thinking about social media and how to use it to benefit your lives and in turn the community at large.


There is very limited space for this class because I want to keep it intimate. Join me in this customized, 3 hour social deep dive!

I have built my entire business through social media platforms and maintained it for the last 7 years, consistently making over 6 figures by attracting clients through social platforms, and I want to share my gained knowledge with my fellow creatives. I will be sharing my simple Step by Step method for posting on social, favorite apps, and so much more. Social Media is a constant changing force of digital nature, and it is a journey to navigate it, after this class you'll feel more confident with a road map to start from - from here you can make your own rules, and find what works best for YOU! Your return on your investment can come from 1 post!!! <3

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10:00 AM10:00

"Perspective is Key" HANDS ON Hair Cutting Class with Ira Pope Sage


Perspective is Key

Ira Pope Sage will be teaching his Clock Cutting Concept, which is a simple and visual way to change your perspective on creating shapes. “I look at the head as a clock,” Ira confirms. “This is a technique that’s very friendly for hairdressers of all skill levels. I believe that knowledge creates simplicity – and that you don’t have to complicate things to be advanced.”

Join Ira in collaboration with Oracle Edu and Emerge Modern Salon on April 15th, 2019 to get a HANDS ON experience with his straightforward clock cutting method – come get up-close with Pope-Sage’s simple, yet complete, haircutting system.

Utilizing the Clock Concept, you will learn the most famous money making haircut in salon history: a round layer shape created with 7 sections.

You will learn a 3 section line or “Bob” also utilizing the Clock Concept. To have a 3 section line in your skill set can save so much time behind the chair, without sacrificing integrity. (For the nerds, this is cut in and above the comb)

We end the day with a creative disconnected shape that is very relevant to current trend of a Modern Shag or a Mullet.

Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and the thing you look at change.”

The Clock Concept will change how you look at cutting hair, perspective is key.

Ira has been in the industry since 1994. He moved from Michigan to Nevada in 1999 and worked for A Robert Cromeans Salon until 2012. He was named Top Hairdresser in Las Vegas 2 years in a row. He educated and traveled all over the globe for Paul Mitchell for 12 years. Be Magazine listed Ira in the Top 40 Platform Artists in the country and he was featured on a Winn Claybaugh Masters CD. In search for freedom Ira created his own independent educational company in 2010 called Epic Hair Movement. He has created the Clock Concept - a way to simplify haircutting. In 2012 he co created and custom blended Cotê Hair. He is a partner and has been the Director of Art of Cotê Hair since 2012.

$300 Early Bird Pricing From Now - March 1st

$350 after March 1st

Very LIMITED tickets available to ensure an intimate and personal experience!

Includes 1 brand new mannequin you get to keep.

Supply List will be sent out the week before the class.

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12:00 PM12:00

From Chin To Cheek - NO NAME EDU


Admission is $50

Learn all things short hair with the founders of No Name Education (Instagram @jasminejun and @caityskywalker). The class has an extremely laid back, open environment with a lot of Dad jokes thrown in.

You will learn two different haircuts that live between the chin and the cheek, a million techniques, and along with tips on body positioning/easier ways to hold your tools.

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6:30 PM18:30

How To Slay Energy Vampires


Admission is $40

Oracle is so honored to host the AMAZING Elena Rose for some serious healing. I’ve attended numerous workshops of hers at her business Peace Of Mind Wellness Center, and after my experiences I knew that this is something that should be shared with my beauty community, we are so excited to be collaborating with her! I invite you to join us for an evening of letting go. 🙏🏼 - Bri Bird, owner of Oracle 🔮

If you’re a service provider i.e Hair Stylist, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Nail Technician, etc. it is of utmost importance for you to strengthen your aura to protect and preserve your energy. This is why we’ve designed this workshop just for you to learn how to slay those energy vampires that you dread walking through your doors, ending up in your chair or on your table. You know who we’re talking about. It’s those people who are completely unaware and oblivious to the fact that you’ve got 10 more hours on your feet, 6 more clients to see, and no break to eat.

You’re doing your very best and bending over backwards to give this client a great experience but it seems like they’re determined to be in a bad mood from the moment they walk in. Helping them come out of their bad mood is your goal, and so you do everything you can to accomplish this. By the time they leave you’re feeling drained and resentful. And you still have the rest of your day and more people to interact with! What can we, as service providers do?

We could fire these clients. Tell them to get their service done elsewhere. But, does this solve anything? You fire one client and gain another with the same bad vibes. The key to slaying energy vampires has nothing to do with stabbing a stake through them. It has everything to do with your mastering your own energetic vibration. When you commit to maintaining high vibes you will be less and less effected by those who are stuck in the low vibes zone. It’s important that we practice compassion for those who are struggling. No one wants to be miserable. In this workshop we will use Sattva Yoga techniques to work to transcend judgement and need of validation from others, cultivate true compassion, remove projections others put on us, and strengthen our auric field.

What is Sattva Yoga?
Sattva Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy is founded by world- renowned Vedic Himalayan Master, Guru, and Yogi, Anand Mehrotra. The Sattva Yoga Practice is holistic, integrative, and deeply transformational for all aspects of the human life. This practice is always evolving in its nature making it ancient and modern. The teachings are rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the Himalayas, integrating the wisdom of the great gurus and realized beings. The practices include: meditation, breathwork, Kundalini, Kriyas, deepening connection and devotion through Laya, Bhakti, and Sufi practices, and using mantra as the healing power of sound, free movement, and Hatha Yoga asanas to distribute and ground energy. The practice opens you up to radical trust and unconditional love

Your Guide:
Elena Rose has spent her entire adult life in the service industry. She began working as a waitress and bartender as a teenager and at the age of 18 became a Licensed Massage Therapist. She opened her own practice in Denver in 2009, Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness at the age of 22. The business grew to allow her to retire from Massage Therapy, but her job became to serve her employees and the entire community as a leader. Elena has faced many challenges and grown immensely through her career. After a few years she found herself back in the healing arts as a Yoga Teacher. She became a Sattva Yoga Instructor, spending 500 hours studying at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India. It was through these powerful techniques that Elena was truly able to step into her power as a leader and lightworker. She has been teaching workshops and retreats worldwide and at home in Denver for the last 2 years. It is her mission to spread these teachings and to empower others to heal themselves and shine their authentic light.

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Destroy The Hairdresser: RISKY BUSINESS
12:00 PM12:00

Destroy The Hairdresser: RISKY BUSINESS

Destroy The Hairdresser co-founders, David Bosscher and Cyd Charisse are going on tour bringing to you an interactive workshop designed to support your pursuit of success.



WHERE: ORACLE SALON: 5925 E Evans Ave #201, Denver, CO 80222

WHO: This workshop is geared toward hairdressers, salon owners, managers and apprentices.

PRICE: $300 Per Person / $250 Per Person for Group Rate 2+


  • Discover what a risk truly is

  • Learn why risk taking is the key to personal fulfillment and financial success

  • Gain proactive tools to implement immediately into your current career

  • Understand what is holding us back from risk taking in business

  • Overcome fear, anxiety, guilt, and uncertainty in business

  • Tap into success you know you should be achieving

  • Remove toxicity from your environment






  • Learn to take personal responsibility for your business Learn to charge what you are worth

  • Learn to employ your social media

  • Learn to use money properly through savings & investing


  • Learn guid your staff into success one by one

  • Learn to take control of your business and attract money

  • Learn to take risks that build a stronger culture and promote growth

  • Learn how to achieve fulfillment, peace, and rid yourself of stress



  • FREE MOBILE COACHING SESSIONS: Everyone on the team will have a chance to schedule one free coaching session with their very own coach! Destroy The Hairdresser truly believes that by coaching the individual, the group benefits.

  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Everyone who attends the full day of coaching will receive a certificate of completion. Let the world know you're a consciously business driven artist!


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Advanced Haircutting - FREE Class with Eufora Educator Thomas Bahnsen
12:00 PM12:00

Advanced Haircutting - FREE Class with Eufora Educator Thomas Bahnsen

Eufora’s classic and on-trend women’s cutting classes incorporate techniques taught in Eufora’s YOU School Advanced Training Academy curriculum. Stylists learn contemporary, marketable cuts, and discover tips and tricks for using Eufora products to give their styles the perfect finish.

Approximate 3 hour class: For this class Thomas will demo a haircut on a live model.


Name *
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TRAVIS HILL Modern Short Haircutting Presented by HattoriHanzo Shears
2:00 PM14:00

TRAVIS HILL Modern Short Haircutting Presented by HattoriHanzo Shears


Travis Hill @travisanthonyhair is a barber-stylist out of Eugene, OR. He graduated from IBS School of Cosmetology in October of 2015. Specializing in multi-ethnic short to medium length cuts and styles, Travis wants to emphasize the importance of using shears in conjunction with clippers to create smooth blends and attractive textures. He recently branched out on his own and is the owner of a private studio called Travis Anthony Hair. In his classes, Travis wants to bridge the gap between barbering and hairdressing in ways that are easy to understand on both ends of the spectrum.


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Radiant Reds - FREE Class with Eufora Educator Janet Pena
10:30 AM10:30

Radiant Reds - FREE Class with Eufora Educator Janet Pena

We believe in the Whole of YOU. Whether you are an industry veteran or new behind the chair, there is always room to grow and learn. Eufora education is designed with YOU in mind. We are here for you as partner, coach and mentor to nurture your career vision and propel you upwards to financial success.

Reds are a benchmark for the stylist’s skill set. Understand how to create radiant and unforgettable reds that will set you apart. This course will explore the power of the EuforaColor palette along with the limitless options for customizing warm or cool, subtle or bold results. Learn how to properly identify hair conditions that will allow you to formulate specifically for reds and ensure the most beautiful, long lasting, vibrant color.

Approximate 3 hour class: For this class you will apply EuforaColor on live model(s), coached by a Eufora Educator.


Name *
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